Moodify Pet review: nose-cancelling for cat smells

When you’ve got nine cats living with you, one of the main worries — besides finding anyone who’ll date you! — is how your house smells. Nine cats means ten litter boxes (the rule is one for every cat, plus one more), and even if you keep them scrupulously clean, which I do, a poo tray is going to smell like a poo tray sometimes.

I’m always looking for ways to ameliorate this, so I was intrigued when Moodify Pet offered to send me some of their smell-killing anti-poo pendants to try. Admittedly, this is not what they call them, but I found the name Moodify Pet a bit confusing — it sounds like an app for lo-fi dog music, not a way of making your cat’s emissions less olfactorily offensive.

What is Moodify Pet?

It’s an oval-shaped clay tablet on a ribbon that you hang above the litter box “at nose level.” I was worried this meant it’d overpower the smell of the litter with a strong scent of its own, the way other products do: poo plus flowers doesn’t equal flowers, it equals pooflowers. And no one wants pooflowers.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case.

How does Moodify Pet work?

The website talks about ‘Whitescent’ technology and gives a small snippet of a patent, but doesn’t say much about what it actually means. Me being me, I went and looked up the patent and it seems the ‘white’ part is an analogy borrowed from vision and sound, whereby a mix of light colours ends up looking white and a mishmash of background racket becomes ‘white noise.’ The idea here is ‘white smell,’ a sort of noise-cancelling for noses. Nose-cancelling!

The pendant does have a smell of its own, though, and it’s quite strong when you take it out of the packet. It’s a sort of citrusy toilet-cleaner scent, which I didn’t find either unpleasant or pleasant, really — it smells like a clean toilet. Which I suppose is the idea!

Mawri is not a fan, apparently

Does Moodify Pet work?

The trickiest bit is definitely the “hang it at nose level” instruction. I don’t know about you, but I don’t tend to have hangers above the poo trays and Litter Robots in my house — they’re not usually places I want to decorate!

I improvised by moving the trays around a bit and hanging the ribbons from things like door handles and the towel bar in the bathroom.

If I decide to use these permanently, I’ll put up some Command Hooks to get them at the ideal height. It might look a bit weird, but at least it won’t smell like cat anus.

Scent-wise, Moodify Pet definitely works.

The website claims it’ll get rid of every last bit of litter tray smell, which I can’t agree with — when I’ve got my head a foot away because I’m scooping unmentionables, I can still smell them.

But walking by the box and moving around the room in general, I can no longer detect a pong unless something fresh has just been added. And that’s brilliant, especially when you’ve got guests coming round.

Any downsides?

A few: you need one for every litter box (not such an issue for people who have a normal number of cats, admittedly) and you have to change the pendant every two weeks. Each pack has two pendants inside, and they recommend you subscribe so the whole thing is less of a faff.

Annoyingly, it’s literally twice the money to buy Moodify Pet as a one-off to test whether it works as it is to subscribe: you get the first month for £7.43, then it’s £9.90 a month after that — or £19.90 (!) to buy once. I’d have hoped for a one-off trial purchase to be really cheap so you can test it out, followed by subscribing when you’ve decided it works — but I guess that’s not as lucrative.

For me, of course, one for every box would mean spending £99 a month! Which is very much not happening. But I’m definitely going to stock up for when people come over, and put permanent pendants above both the most-used box and the one nearest the front door.

In the meantime, I’ve come up with a solution for when it’s just me at home:

Genius, if I do say so myself.

If you’d like to try Moodify Pet, they’re currently doing 25% off with the code 25OFF, and if you use this link, my little cat rescue gets a bit of a boost too. Let me know how you get on with it over on Twitter.

The products in this review were gifted to me by Moodify in return for social media content — the decision to write a review was mine because I’m extra like that. This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click them and buy something, me and my kitties might get a small bonus.