Brand collaborations

I’m always up for an interesting brand collaboration, as long as it fits with my values. Here are some I’ve done recently.

Twitter marketing

Here’s me talking about why I love Twitter, for Twitter, on Twitter.

O2 ‘Like New’ ad campaign

I agreed to unbox a second-hand phone, sight unseen, for O2’s ‘Like New’ ad campaign. It didn’t go so well…

The FoodTalk Show

I joined the talented panel at The FoodTalk Show to unbox and discuss new products in food tech. The two panels were broadcast live on Facebook. Here’s a still, you can see the full hour-long video here.


Google Pixel launch

I joined fellow tech vlogger Ryan O’Neill to discuss the brand new Google Pixel phone at the official launch, streamed live on Facebook by Carphone Warehouse.


Got something in mind?

If you’d like to talk to me about a brand collaboration, get in touch.