#30before30 item 11: visit Wales


The beach at Portmeirion. For September, we were pretty lucky with the weather!

It’s not long ’til my birthday, so I’m rattling through the list trying to get them all done! This weekend, I was at a loose end so decided to head to Wales with my good friend Paul Curry.

There’s no particular reason I hadn’t been to Wales before – I guess I just hadn’t had a reason to. The list provided me with one, and I’m so glad I did.

We drove down on Friday night and thanks to London evening traffic, it took 8 hours. EIGHT HOURS! Thankfully, Paul and I had a lot to catch up on – but we were still pretty glad to get there!

We stayed in Anglesey, and on Saturday headed to the absolutely awesome Bounce Below – trampolines in a cave! Sadly, this didn’t go quite to plan: I got my foot caught in one of the slides and ended up hanging by my ankle, four storeys up, in an underground cave. Yikes. I had a panic attack and had to be taken out – oops!



Images: Bounce Below

After a cuppa and a sit down, we headed over to Portmeirion – which is beautiful and totally worth the £10 entry fee (yep, it’s a private village). A wedding was happening with a brass band down on the beach, and we explored the Disney-coloured courtyards in the sun.



Damn, Wales, you beautiful. (Shots taken on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+)

Next, we went over to Snowdon, got some lunch, then visited the place with the world’s longest hashtag:

…before driving out to beautiful Conwy. The castle looked stunning as the sun set behind it and we had an amazing fresh seafood dinner at the Castle Hotel.

Thankfully, the drive back was considerably shorter: 5 hours or so on Sunday morning, just in time for me to get to Google Campus to judge #PeacehackLdn, safe in the knowledge that I’d crossed another thing off and was one step closer to finishing the list. Onwards!

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