Can you pay to get an ad banned?

I ask because this magnificent effort by Spark44 London for Jaguar has been banned for “encouraging dangerous driving”, which I can’t see at all.

What I can see is how much of a dream it’d be to have an ad about villainy – starring the man who played Loki – banned for encouraging dangerous behaviour. And like most people, the only reason I’ve even seen this ad is because it got banned.


Beautiful ad, by the way. Polished script, great choice of actor, perfect delivery and an effortless tie-up with the product. Plus it’s really, really sexy. Just saying.

One thought on “Can you pay to get an ad banned?

  1. Ian Sadler says:

    Banning ads can be necessary when they touch upon harmful triggering issues, but certainly not in this instance. The Jaguar campaign is harmless entertainment. Will all future Marvel Cinematic Universe films be censored in case they inspire plans for world domination? Having seen this series of ads a few times I’ve not felt any urge to use a refined British accent and drive very fast as part of a world domination bid.

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