The top 5 things to do in Nottingham

I recently moved back to my home city of Nottingham, which has been a bit of a strange experience after living in London for 6 years. But I’ve been lucky to find myself a job as Lead Copywriter at a brilliant ad agency, and after 6 months in the ‘ham, I’m finding out all the best things to do here. It’s a beautiful and historical city that people just don’t think to visit.

So here’s my top 5 list of things you must do, see and experience when you come and visit Nottingham. Which you should. (Drink with me optional).

1. Annie’s Burger Shack – more than 30 unbelievably creative and delicious burgers. They have vegan and veggie versions of everything, and some of the recipes are ridiculous. My top 3 Annie’s Burger Shack burgers:

Annie’s books up very very quickly, so book in advance or hope you get one of the walk-in seats.

2. Boilermaker. A bar that should probably be in Dalston. Very easy to miss on the grounds that it has no name and looks like a boiler shop. Go in, ignore the boilers on the wall, ask the person at the desk for a table for however many people and hope it’s not too busy – obviously Friday and Saturday nights are the most rammed. When you’re offered a table, go through the door to the right of the reception desk, which takes you into a bathroom – push the sink and you’re in the bar. The cocktails are predictably off-the-wall and served in various impressive ways – with popcorn, candy floss, and in a paper bag streaming with smoke, among others.The menu changes often but my current favourite is:

Boilermaker Nottingham Stay Puft cocktail

3. Pitcher & Piano. Yes, it’s a chain, but Nottingham has the best one. It’s in a converted church (mmm, sacrelicious). It sounds impressive, it looks good in pictures – but the reality is even better. This place will take your breath away. Do not miss.

Pitcher & Piano bar Nottingham

4. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub. One of the oldest and most famous pubs in the country, set in the side of a cliff with a Nottingham Castle on top. The castle is OK, but nothing special as castles go – the pub is awesome. Go in, order a drink at the bar and then go up the stairs to the room that is literally a little cave – it’s fairly easy to find and has gauntlets and swords on the wall. Drinking in a ancient cave is an experience no one should miss. Again, photo doesn’t do it justice.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem cave Nottingham

5. Wollaton Hall – this was Wayne Manor (Batman’s house) in The Dark Knight Rises. It’s also pretty beautiful and set in a huge park with free-roaming deer.

Between this and our local hero, I like to say that Nottingham has both Batman and Robin.



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