5 awesome things about the new Twitter profile design

1. It shows the date you joined 

This will probably cause a flurry of one-upmanship when it first comes in. But it’s a great badge of honour for those of us who’ve been on the site for a while, and it gives something to measure the number of tweets against (30k tweets in a year = not good. 30k tweets in 7 years = fine).


2. You can FINALLY filter out replies

Big, famous accounts have had this for a while:


But the new profile lets everyone filter out replies:


And it also has a nice, big button for seeing just photos and videos:


These display in an enlarged, tiled layout that makes them easy to browse.


3. Better tweets are bigger

When someone’s deciding whether to follow you, you want them to see your best stuff. Which is why it’s handy that tweets with higher engagement appear bigger on your feed:


You can also pin a tweet to the top of your feed, so it appears above more recent posts. Again, big accounts have had this for a while, but it’s new to the rest of us:



So if you’ve just written a blog post or you want more views on that awesome selfie you took last week, get pinning.

4. It’s easier to adjust the header image

It drives me nuts that you can’t zoom or scale a Facebook cover photo. Header images have become standard across Twitter, G+ and Facebook because they look good, but it’s still a very awkward size and shape to fill. Especially in the age of mobile photos.

Twitter’s new, bigger header image comes with options for repositioning and scaling:



Image: ChipChick

Which goes some way to helping to fill such an awkwardly sized space. Expect Samsung to bring out a camera specifically for header images before long!

5. It’s annoyed everyone

I do enjoy how much moaning happens when anything changes on social media sites. Hey, people, this is the internet. It’s transient as hell. And you didn’t like the last design either, remember?

A random selection of Grumpy Cats (didn’t find a single positive comment):


Love it or hate it, the design is rolling out now. You can see it in action on Weezer’s profile, or read the announcement here.

What do you think of New-New Twitter? I’m pretty happy with the extra features (especially ‘no replies’), but then I’m not a Grumpy Cat.

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