Two excellent new examples of sideways thinking

1. Taco Bell ‘I’m Ronald McDonald’

Brief: Stick it to McDonald’s.
Solution: Hire a bunch of real-life blokes called Ronald McDonald and get them to endorse our new product.


(It’s not the first time this has been done – for instance, there was a Samsung campaign that got people called David Bailey to take photos with Samsung cameras. But this feels cleverer – I for one was tremendously disappointed to receive a ‘David Bailey print’ in the post that was a blurry photo of nothing by a nobody).

2. Wu-Tang Clan release one copy of their new album

Brief: How can we make loads of people want to buy our new album?
Solution: Only make one copy.


Apparently, the Clan’s latest release ‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ will be encased in a handcrafted silver-and-nickel box. Before it goes on sale, the multi-million dollar album will also go on tour through museums, galleries, and other art events.” (PSFK)

Hell, even I want to hear it now, and I wouldn’t call myself a Wu-Tang fan (though I do like fancy-pants silver boxes).

It’s not a new idea that restricted supply often means increased demand, and advertisers have used this before too (eg. when Burger King pretend-discontinued the Whopper), but I can’t even imagine how hard it was to convince high-level music marketing folks that making the album all-but-unavailable is the best way to sell it. Of course, it’s already making huge waves for Wu-Tang and I’d be very surprised if album sales weren’t significantly higher as a result.

Some excellent brain food there on both counts. Any more examples? Put ’em in the comments.

One thought on “Two excellent new examples of sideways thinking

  1. Dr. Herm Worschnitz says:

    Nice article. The hype surrounding that Wu-Tang album means they’ll sell one more copy than they would have done otherwise.

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