TheTrainLine ad references an obscure internet video

I was pretty surprised to see a clear reference to Don Hertzfeldt’s ‘Rejected Cartoons’ in a TV ad for TheTrainLine. It’s not a very famous video – it’s well-known among nerds from certain websites, but not really anyone else. An Account Manager I used to work with was using a little guy from the video as her email avatar, without knowing he appears in the video shouting “my anus is bleeding!”, and no one had ever pointed this out to her. That’s how unknown the video is.

But it’s definitely referenced – the music is the same, which could be a coincidence, but compare this moment in the TrainLine video with this moment in Rejected Cartoons.

Some nerdy creatives over at DLKW Lowe.

One thought on “TheTrainLine ad references an obscure internet video

  1. Shane Roeschlein says:

    The advert would have been more compelling had there been a live action version of the little cotton/cloud/blob shouting, “My anus is bleeding.”

    Seeing that Hertzfeldt toon brought back fine memories of Spike and Mike’s Festival of Sick and Twisted Animation. Basically a show that traveled city to city, showing this and a slew of other disturbing animation/claymation and film shorts.

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