I’m not slacking, I’m…

On Twitter because…

  • I’m asking my followers for advice about something related to work (‘What’s the best social media monitoring platform?’, ‘My boss sent me a Mac font, how do I make it work on PC?’ ‘What was that ad with the dude and the things?’)
  • I’m writing brand tweets, so am using the automatic character counter in the input box to check they’re not too long
  • I saw a really epic thing earlier that I want to use as a reference in my presentation

On Facebook because…

  • I’m checking how our last post went down with the fans
  • I’m seeing what other brands are doing
  • I’m posting our campaign to my friends because you told me to in your all-agency email
  • I think that really epic thing I saw on twitter might actually have been on Facebook

On YouTube because…

  • I’m looking at the way YouTube ads appear for an idea I’m working on
  • I’m trying to get a feel for the brand, or the public’s perception of it
  • I’m plotting a homepage takeover for my new client, the EDL

Reading a blog post/article/news page because…

  • It’s relevant to our brand, campaign, industry, or some cool idea I’ve just had
  • I need to rest my brain between writing or thinking sessions (this is not slacking)
  • You wrote it/emailed it round, remember?

And so on.

There are a bajillion reasons why anyone in advertising could be on websites considered ‘timewasters’ by more corporate industries. Of course, us advertisers slack with the best of ’em, but maybe give someone the benefit of the doubt before you rubberneck at their screen and make a bitchy comment, eh?

Add your reasons for ‘slacking’ in the comments – and your best bitchy comments if you have them, too.

PS: Feel free to send this to your boss.

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