The perfect piece of direct mail

I love this pop-up mailer by Leo Rosa Borges for Ikea. 



I love it because it’s not just cool for the sake of it – there’s a real insight and benefit behind the pop-up idea. The message is that Ikea’s flatpack furniture is ridiculously easy to assemble, and the execution explains that beautifully. 

There’s not a lot of love for DM these days, but you can’t tell me an email would have had the same effect.

3 thoughts on “The perfect piece of direct mail

  1. ... says:

    There is no perfect piece junk mail, because nobody wants it. As a postman i know first hand how many people tell me everyday that they do not want junk mail, because it is just that junk, but they have no choice because advertisers are free to use the nations letterboxes as a dumping ground. You may choose to call it “direct mail” but it will never be more than recycling fodder for the vast majority of homeowners

    • Red Grape says:

      If it’s unwanted then it’s junk, however if the recipient is a customer or has signed up to receive direct mail then it’s a highly effective and profitable communication channel. In Ikea’s case i’d imagine it’s the latter and I have to admit this is an engaging piece. If i’d received this piece it would make me smile and doubt i’d forget it unlike the hundreds of spams / bacons i receive each week via email.

  2. Doug Brown says:

    To your first commenter, I would say that you’re confusing the channel and the tactic.

    Mail is not junk by definition. If it has utility to the recipient, it is valuable. Direct Mail is a perfectly legitimate way to show utility. Your criticism is aimed at the executions you delivered – because they sucked and weren’t useful. There are a lot of bad ads out there in all media, but that doesn’t mean all advertising is junk.

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