The 5 most annoying songs ever used in ads

These are the ad songs that have pissed me off the most over the years. I’m not including songs written specifically for the ad (eg. Go Compare).

Click at your peril and prepare to cover your lugs:

T-Mobile ‘Flext’ – ‘Just Another Diamond Day’

Just a blade of graaahhhhhsssss

Windows 8 – ‘Everything At Once’

Hnrrgh the dance moves are so twee, I hate youuu

O2 – ‘Little Boxes’ 

Just what the buggering hell is ‘ticky tacky’? Don’t answer that.

Apple – ‘1 2 3 4’

Another one where the twinkly-dinklyness gives me a rage aneurysm

Orange – ‘This Side of the Blue’

You might not recognise this from the title, but believe me, you’ll remember it. The pseudo-baby voice makes me want to cauliflower my own ears.

And a bit of respite

It took me years to track down this ad, because it came out waaaay before the internet. The ad itself is weird as hell, but what a beautiful piece of music (specially adapted from a Bjork song):

Ahhhh. I feel better.

OK, your turn: post your suggestions in the comments. I hate you already.

7 thoughts on “The 5 most annoying songs ever used in ads

  1. Andy Willetts (@andywilletts) says:

    Totally with you on that T-Mobile one. It used to drive me crazy whenever it came on.


    This song used to make me smile whenever I heard it because it reminded me of an awesome weekend I had in Barcelona. Now it makes me think of half price decking and I can’t bear to listen to it. Thanks Homebase.


    Possibly not to everyone’s taste but I think this 80s ad for Ariston Washing machines is fantastic. It uses the theme music from Robocop on the Commodore 64.

  2. Martin Lancelott says:

    Personally I would suggest anything voiced over by this dreadful, dreadful man. The pseudo “wisdom” is quite intolerable. His voice seems to me to have been genetically modified to produce the optimum level of hate activity in my synapses. The particular irony of the content in this example threatened to put me in hospital.

  3. devilishdb says:

    Well, there’s this awful song on a new Skoda ad (not that I disile Skoda but it really is rubbish) where it goes ‘i wanna ring, i wanna dance, i wanna fly, but most of all i wanna be driving’ … and the singing itself is bad too.

  4. Occam's Tool says:

    “Little boxes” actually was a poem that referred to the Levittown subdivision developments after WWII, but also was used to refer to cookie cutter suburban developments that arose in the USA after WWII, with the baby boom and the need for a rapid expansion of family housing. They were put up quickly and cheaply, and the materials were not always the best, hence, “ticky tacky.” More data:

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