The Tweenchronic kids’ music video is anything but innocent

I can’t believe this is real. Jesus christ.

This is a music video by “Tweenchronic”, a pair of young girls being managed by the same guy who produced Rebecca Black’s ultra-viral hit “Friday”. With that in mind, you won’t be surprised to hear that the music video is appalling. But not just musically.

Firstly, we have kids drinking from cans in brown bags, looking like illicit alcohol:




Then we have a kid with a moustache providing secret powdered candy from inside his hat, on a street corner:




And then there’s this. You’ll need to watch the video for the full effect but this gives enough of a flavour to know what it’s about.








I’m speechless. I can’t find an official age for these kids but they look what, 12, 13?

Watch the video here and see what I mean. The bits with the Pixi Sticks are at 2:10 onwards, and there’s no mistaking what the director had in mind.


2 thoughts on “The Tweenchronic kids’ music video is anything but innocent

  1. Richard Honey says:

    Almost makes me think back fondly to Daphne and Celeste – but no, not really. This is just such s••t on every level. My ears are still numb from listening to this garbage, before we even get on to the appalling kidsploitation involved.

  2. Molly says:

    That is appalling !!! I’m going to go to the effort of reporting it because that is DISGUSTING !!! I’m so shocked ! So many of these !!!!!!!!

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