Another excellent social media response

A chap called Thomas Cook rather cheekily asked Thomas Cook holidays on Facebook if he might score a free weekend to Paris. He made a great case, but unfortunately, their social media person was working asleep. They replied to a witty, creative post with a lame, dry “no” and a link to their website. Rubbish.


Now, I’m not saying they should have given him a holiday. Clearly, that sort of thing would get expensive quickly. But there are SO many ways they could have engaged with him entertainingly, coming off well as a brand. Instead, they left the field wide open for a competitor to step in and steal the PR – and they did:


Well played,

So Mr. Cook got his free holiday, Lowcostholidays got some very low-cost publicity (including the near-priceless post on my blog here), and Thomas Cook the company got… nothing. In fact, less than nothing. They got docked ten social media points.

To end on a happy note, here’s Thomas on his jollies:


Aww. Bonnes vacances.

2 thoughts on “Another excellent social media response

    • Camilla says:

      So true, too many Social Media fails online, they need to study their own subject! Good for Mr Thomas Cook.

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