Is it just me? Dodgy-looking designs

I’m frequently accused of having a one-track mind, but when I saw something rather rude in this logo (via Steven Bonner on Twitter), I don’t think I was reaching:

But then I started to wonder about my own perceptions when I looked at this packaging design for Bachelors Pasta ‘n’ Sauce and instantly saw a bomb instead of a saucepan:

And again when I looked at my box of Coco Pops and thought Coco Monkey was having a cheeky cigarette:

(I know, it’s a straw, but on first glance…)

So what I want to know is, is it just me? Do I have a strange brain or are these all just a little bit dodgy-looking? Opinions in the comments, if you please.

4 thoughts on “Is it just me? Dodgy-looking designs

  1. David says:

    That is unquestionably a cheeky fag. Looks exactly like every 14 year old boy from the wrong side of the tracks that I have ever encountered. Missing the wispy bum fluff moustache though.

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