New Look to fans: judge each other’s looks for prizes

What the hell, New Look?

The UK clothes brand, popular with teenagers, are running a competition on their Facebook page in conjunction with the new ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ film. It’s called ‘Are you the fairest of them all?’ and involves uploading a picture of yourself for other fans to judge.

That’s it.

There’s literally nothing to judge entries on except attractiveness. You can’t even pretend it’s about clothes, because you can’t see what half of them are wearing.

The voting page is a sad gallery of impressionable, mostly young girls smiling at the camera in the hopes their peers will judge them pretty enough to win cinema tickets. What a great message.

Don’t we have enough snarkiness and judgment in the world already? Do brands really need to encourage and even incentivise it?

I didn’t want to make a blog post about this, but after posting a comment to this effect on their page (which got over 50 likes and lots of agreement) and being completely ignored, I’ve decided a wider audience needs to know about this competition and tell New Look how not-OK it is.

A brand that caters to young women should know better, to be honest. We all spent our teenage years being savaged by our peers for our looks, our clothes, our hair, our backgrounds – and while the media always get blamed for this sort of thing, you can’t deny that New Look’s competition is normalising that behaviour. And enforces the idea that prettiness means you deserve things more than other people.

I’m pretty disgusted that New Look haven’t even tried to dress this up as anything other than a looks competition. They seem completely fine with hosting such a shallow, damaging promotion. How are those young girls going to feel when they don’t win? When they see that they don’t have many votes? When they see the faces of the winners judged more appealing than them?

If you agree with me, leave a comment on the New Look Facebook page and let them know. Perhaps together, we can convince them to pick a healthier, more positive mechanic for their next competition.


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