Good CRM, good copy – good job, Ocado

I like this email from Ocado very, very much.

(Click for full size)

Firstly, I like the subject line: ‘Did you think we’d forgotten?’. It works well with the content and headline of the email, but it also creates a lot of intrigue. I’d be too curious not to open it.

Secondly, ‘we’re sure you don’t remember but…’. This is good because it’s true. It implies that while grocery shopping is pretty inconsequential to you, they value their customers so much that they remember when each one joined. Even though obviously it’s automated.

I also like the tiny preheader at the top (not pictured): ‘We’d like to share a bottle of wine with you’. Preheaders are getting more popular, it seems – they’re lines of text right at the very top, even above the ‘view this email online’ bit, that sum up what the email is about. They’re there because of all the email clients which automatically disable images, thus rendering you unable to see the headline, which risks you closing the email without finding out about your freebie (or whatever). If you see the preheader, though, you’re more likely to enable images to see the full message.

The one thing I’m less keen on is their choice of gift. I mean yes, a lot of people appreciate wine, but it’s a bit of an assumption. I wonder if they consult the buying history before choosing a gift, or just give everyone wine. If you were a teetotaller, forbidden from drinking by religion, or just really hated wine, you might be quite annoyed by their choosing it for you.

That’s fairly minor, though. I appreciate the thought and the email, and will continue to shop at Ocado (though I would have anyway).

Note: ‘Ocado’ is pronounced ‘oh-ka-dough’, not ‘oh-kay-dough’. It’s from the word ‘avocado’, which a lot of people don’t seem to have realised.

Hat tip to Andrew for forwarding me the email.

One thought on “Good CRM, good copy – good job, Ocado

  1. Robin Balen says:

    I’d like it more if there was a comma after “We’re sure you don’t remember”. But maybe that’s just me…

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