Etsy ‘Gift ideas for Facebook friends’ app

I’ve seen loads of people present this idea – an app that suggests gift ideas for your friends, based on their Facebook profiles. And every time I’ve seen it, I’ve thought ‘That wouldn’t work very well, surely it’d all be based on favourite bands and movies’.

Well, it’s just been done for Etsy, and what do you know? I was right.

I just tried it with one of my FB friends and got results like this (click for bigger):

And worse, completely stupid results like this:

Have a go yourself here, but know the results can be summed up as ‘buy something related to a band or movie they like’. Disappointing.

One thought on “Etsy ‘Gift ideas for Facebook friends’ app

  1. katie says:

    I suppose its effectiveness depends on how much info your friend has filled out. I just tried it and got decent results (around interests of cycling, Scrabble and Flight of the Conchords).

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