Overclaim of the week

I spotted this ad for Russian Standard in Spitalfields yesterday:

If you can’t read it from my slightly craptacular photo, the line says:

Take a sip and you’ll never touch another vodka

Really? Really?

Quite aside from the fact that Russian Standard tastes like turpentine, this would be an overclaim for any drink, no matter how tongue-pleasing. I’m not sure it contravenes any advertising regulations, it’s just an utterly ridiculous claim to make because it’s patently not true.

And it really does taste like turps. Trust me on that.

2 thoughts on “Overclaim of the week

  1. Rish says:

    Funny; I had some in St Petersburg. Tasted alright. Positioned as a premium drink.

    Maybe it’s the weather there.

    Or my lack of tastebuds.

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