Ocado wants to see the end of local shops

Just spotted this ad for grocery shopping service Ocado, on a YouTube video (click for bigger):

See that? ‘No need for the local shop’. For a brand that’s known for its progressive, benevolent attitude, that’s pretty harsh. Surely there are better ways to extol the virtues of your business than wishing bankruptcy on someone else’s?

I’d be interested to hear Ocado’s comment on this. I’ll be tweeting it at them, so we’ll see if they respond.

UPDATE: Ocado’s response on Twitter:

Thanks for highlighting the error – the ad was meant to refer to supermarkets, not local shops, and has been corrected. Apologies.

‘Apologies’ is a bit weak (what’s wrong with plain old ‘sorry’?) but at least they responded. Hopefully we won’t be seeing this anti-local ad for much longer.

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