Cannes Young Lions 2011

Every year, advertising creatives aged 28 or under slave away over a weekend to answer a charity brief, for the chance to represent the UK at Cannes.

This year’s brief was from UNICEF. They wanted to increase sales of their Inspired Gifts range (vaccines, blankets, mosquito nets for children, and so on) and raise awareness of both their work for children and the fact that they receive no funding from the United Nations.

I entered with the brilliant Hanja Baruschke this year, and we were lucky enough to be shortlisted in both the Print and Cyber categories.

Here’s our Print entry (click for big):

And our Cyber one:

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. We’re pretty pleased with how they turned out, especially for just one weekend’s work.

3 thoughts on “Cannes Young Lions 2011

  1. Jenni says:

    Love it – simple, effective, compelling and a great call to action. And even though the subject matter is tough, the ad is still beautiful in its design. Good work!

  2. My Lips But Better says:

    Great job! I love this ad and I think it would get a ton of attention if printed. My only concern would be about writing out my bank info on a postcard, but perhaps that’s not frowned upon in the UK.

    Best of luck at the competition!

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