Doughnuts – a new medium?

I spotted these yesterday in Tesco:

They’re Krispy Kreme doughnuts sponsored by Glamour magazine. The glaze on them is extremely sparkly and shiny. It looks like lip gloss, which I suspect was the idea.

I can’t help thinking that this is an incredibly odd tie-up. Fashion magazines encouraging doughnut-eating? Apart from the obvious irony of encouraging obesity when your magazine’s full of waifs (although admittedly Glamour is marginally better with this than other glossies), my mind always comes back to why?! Why did this happen? Whose idea was it? WHY!??!

It’s allegedly to celebrate Glamour’s 10th anniversary, but I don’t think that helps explain it at all. I can’t see any kind of link or point to it and would love to know how it came about. Perhaps ‘Hey, this lip gloss really looks like doughnut glaze’ ‘Now there’s an idea’…? I don’t get it. At all.

3 thoughts on “Doughnuts – a new medium?

  1. Carl Howarth says:

    It could be a rather clever marketing idea. I would imagine that the kind of people that purchase Krispy Kremes on a regular basis are not going to be the kind of people that purchase Glamour magazine (and I mean no offence by this); so what better way to target ‘new potential customers’.

  2. Jenni says:

    The reason why they did this is because it’s Glamour’s 10th birthday so the mag collaborated with loads of different brands to create their own branded products – i.e. many fashion brands such as Mango and Warehouse designed an item of clothing exclusively for Glamour, which was then promoted in the mag and went on sale in their shops.

    I suppose with Krispy Kreme it is their take on a birthday cake??! I agree with Carl above; by KK doing this, they are targeting a market that wouldn’t usually be targeted with KK’s advertising – it’s almost like Glamour is telling its readers – ‘it’s okay, eat the doughnuts – calories don’t count when they look like lip gloss’!

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