‘The first unretouched make up ad’

Well, it’s about time. A makeup company’s finally capitalised on the world’s disdain for overly-Photoshopped adverts, and made it a point of difference that they don’t need to retouch theirs. Here’s the ad:

Frankly, this should have happened about three years ago when the backlash began, but it’s still a positive step. I’d like to see an ad like this for mascara, with a line like ‘Not shot with lash inserts. Not enhanced in post production’, but it’s probably not possible because all mascaras look rubbish in real-life closeups. Even the really good ones.

Anyway, well done to Make Up For Ever’s marketing team for taking what must have seemed like a risky step. More of this, please.

EDIT: It’s just been pointed out to me that she’s holding the camera upside-down. Well played!

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