The worst scamp I’ve ever drawn

Quick intro for people who don’t work in advertising: ‘scamp’ is the industry term for a black and white sketch of an idea for an ad.

I’d like you to meet ‘Threlbow Man’. He is a small part of the worst scamp I ever drew.

He was supposed to be a high-powered 1980s businessman (hence the shoulder pads) with a great big brick-phone. Unfortunately, I realised too late that his arm wasn’t going to reach to his head to hold the phone – so put in a third elbow. And thus threlbow man was born.

He lives in a frame in our living room because Andy cracks up every time he sees him. And now he’s famous, having appeared on the brilliant new site Shit Scamps, a Tumblr just for celebrating the rubbish scamps we all draw from time to time.

Please note that Threlbow Man is several years old now and is still the worst thing I’ve ever drawn. Which hopefully means I’ve improved.

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