The catchiest pro-gay song you’ll ever sing along to

If you haven’t heard of the ‘It Gets Better’ project, it’s well worth a quick YouTube search. Basically, it’s an initiative to get gay adults to make videos reassuring young L/G/B/T/Q/OMGWTF people that life gets better. It’s in response to some really tragic suicides – which means the resulting campaign would in many cases turn out either finger-pointy or mawkishly depressing.

Not this one. Some of the ‘It Gets Better’ videos are heartwarming, some tearjerking, and some just downright awesome. This one by Rebecca Drysdale definitely falls into the latter category. Turn the volume up and enjoy – unless you’re a bit sensitive to strong language or slang words for genitals. In which case you should probably stop reading my blog.

My personal favourite lyric is “swimming through your pussy vault like Scrooge Fucking McDuck”. Scrooge McDuck doesn’t get referenced enough these days.

You can see the full lyrics at Rebecca Drysdale’s site.


Runner up prize in the ‘It Gets Better’ category goes to Pixar, I reckon – their thoroughly heartwarming effort touches me every time:

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