Business. Birmingham. Birmingham. Business. Yeah.

This is one of the more confused ads I’ve come across lately (click for enbiggenment):



Firstly, the headline. ‘Facetime unlimited’. What? It would make sense as ‘Facetime: unlimited’ or ‘Unlimited facetime’ but ‘Facetime unlimited’ doesn’t work, if you ask me. And that image – to go with a headline about ‘facetime’ you’d expect something featuring perhaps people, or dare I say it, faces? I’m no advocate of the say-what-you-see approach but that’s a pretty impersonal image to go with your headline about personal time with Brummies.

However, those two things are minor quibbles compared with my main issue with this ad, and the reason it made it onto this blog.

Not only have the creators seen fit to put their URL on the ad twice, they haven’t even managed to keep the two consistent. Behold:


I guess none of the super-high-powered BUSINESS people in BIRMINGHAM (not to mention all the people with faces) are any good at proofreading. Shame.

One thought on “Business. Birmingham. Birmingham. Business. Yeah.

  1. Paul4july says:

    It is of course a schoolboy error to think that there might be actual business people involved in something called Business Birmingham! This is a 100%local authority iniative. I know it’s hard to believe that Birmingham City Council might make a mistake with a website, but there ya go! #satire

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