FeelUnique.com can’t use mail merge

Beauty website FeelUnique.com are running a promotion on Facebook at the moment whereby you ‘like’ their page and enter your details, and you get emailed a variable percentage discount for the site, or money off (up to £250).

I entered a few days ago and received this email (click for bigger):



I quote: “You’ve won yourself your next order”. Not the best phrasing, but I and the other people who received it took this to mean our next order was free. However, there was no indication of maximum spend, so some confused fans took to the Facebook wall to ask for clarification:

The next day, I got this. Spot the difference:


So the prize has changed from ‘your next order is free’ to ‘here’s the measliest discount ever’. Wow.


Is 5% ever worth giving out as a discount? Even if I bought a £100 pair of GHD straighteners, I’d only get a fiver off – and I can’t even do that, because they’re exempted from the discount in the Ts & Cs.


So far, FeelUnique haven’t responded to the disappointed fans on their Facebook page – but if they’ve got any sense, they’ll do something to rectify the total shambles this promotion has been. I’ll update if and when they do. Until then, my piddling little discount code will go unused.


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