50 more of Wikipedia’s most interesting articles

The 50 most interesting articles on Wikipedia post on this blog has had heaps of interest. So I thought it was about time I posted another one.

This time, the list’s a lot less war-focused. I particularly like number 42, though the Wikipedia article doesn’t make it very clear that the graffiti appeared a multitude of times in different places and the writer has never been identified.

1. Anthropodermic bibliopegy
2. Elm Farm Ollie
3. EURion constellation
4. (the) Demon core
5. Pole of inaccessibility
6. Globster
7. Hoba meteorite
8. Seattle Windshield Pitting Epidemic
9. GRB 971214
10. “Resolute” desk
11. Candace Newmaker
12. Cryptomnesia
13. Hans Island
14. Harrowing of Hell
15. Semantic satiation
16. Dempster Highway
17. Dalton Highway
18. Paul Felix Armand-Delille
19. Herschel Island
20. Stone spheres of Costa Rica
21. Paternoster
22. Self-immolation
23. Narco submarine
24. Louis Slotin
25. Language deprivation experiments
26. London Stone
27. Cité Soleil
28. Blood chit
29. Parsley Massacre
30. Ribbon Creek Incident
31. Art intervention
32. Impostor
33. Bata LoBagola
34. Cheating at the Paralympic Games
35. David Hempleman-Adams
36. The Kafka Machine
37. Park Young Seok
38. Houston Riot (1917)
39. Albert Pierrepoint
40. Discoveries of human feet on British Columbia beaches, 2007–2008
41. Taman Shud Case
42. Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?
43. First flying machine
44. Defeat in Detail
45. Peppered moth evolution
46. Resource holding potential
47. Saint Dismas
48. Target girl
49. Longevity myths
50. SL-1

Thanks again to Ray Cadaster for all his hard work putting the lists together.

14 thoughts on “50 more of Wikipedia’s most interesting articles

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  3. Wiley says:

    There are some great names for bands on here: “The Globsters” and their new album “Anthropodermic Biblioplegy” or The Blood Chit and their latest song “Who put bella in the Wych Elm”

  4. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Great collection buddy. You should make a new post with 50 new ones. It’s been a while :).

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