Anti-social media

What would most brands do if a Twitter user @mentioned them describing their product as a “pile of shit”?

Specifically, quite a new brand, trying to establish themselves in a crowded marketplace?

Would they ignore it?
Respond in a conciliatory tone to try and find out where the brand had gone wrong?
Or this?


Being social media, this hasn’t gone unnoticed. Outraged tweeters messaged Sunlove, asking about their negative attitude and rudeness. Sunlove responded by insulting their careers:


and education (with ironically appalling spelling):


Unsurprisingly, this is already big news in the beauty blogosphere, and a YouTube video made by one of the people they insulted has had nearly 400 views just today.

This is a classic example of a brand getting involved with social media without knowing what it entails. One bad comment can haunt a brand forever (see Habitat), and even if Sunlove now delete their offensive tweets, the conversation sparked on forums, Twitter and YouTube won’t be going anywhere. Nor will posts like this, easily found on Google. This blog had over 8,000 views yesterday. That can’t be good for business.

The funny thing is, Sunlove clearly understand the influence of beauty bloggers and YouTubers because they contacted heaps of them asking them to review the product. In at least one case, they paid a YouTube member a pretty hefty sum of money to do so [the review promptly disappeared when the furore started]. So why aren’t they smart enough to know that it goes both ways? Beauty blogger gives your product a glowing review -> more sales. Beauty blogger is publicly insulted by your representative, posts angry blog/video -> fewer sales and a bad name.

In my opinion, it’s a pretty good case study for how to ruin your image before your brand’s even got off the ground.

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