Little touches of brand personality

Brand Gym picked up on a sweet little touch Esquire have added to their design lately: custom barcodes themed to a story in the issue. Like these:



I’m a big fan of unexpected little things like that from brands. As you know, one of the clients I work on is a big phone network, and one of my current briefs is to create text messages to reply to people who just text “Hi” or “Thanks” (when we’ve just done something for them) to one of their shortcodes.

And I’m really enjoying it. It’s fun coming up with something that will be an unexpectedly nice thing for the customer to receive. They text “Hi” because they’re bored, not really expecting anything back, and get a prompt, friendly reply. Just like you would from a person.

It’s the little things that make a brand seem human, and seeming human is what makes a brand likeable. And being responsible for one of those little things is really satisfying, so look for the opportunities wherever you can. They might be hiding in a simple SMS brief.

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