Help. I am jealous.

How beautiful are these?



In a market full of bizarre names and endless disclaimers, these simple and sweet pill packages stand out a mile. The decision to focus on the problem is inspired, leading off the insight that people who need pain relief or sticking plasters are thinking about their pain, not the product. When my head’s killing me and I go to buy something to relieve it, I’m thinking “my head’s killing me” not “I’m looking for something in a caplet, ideally with caffeine and a white sugar coating”. I’ll reach for the nearest thing that says “I will take the ouch away”. These do exactly that.

So you pick up the box. You turn it over. Usually you’re rewarded with a huge list of claims, often in tickbox form, or an interrogation: “Nose running? Head exploding? Teeth slowly turning turquoise?” followed by the aforementioned huge list of claims.

Instead, you get this:


or this:


or this:


And all that legal stuff hidden away under the label. Because most people don’t need to know all the ins and outs – just that they have a headache and this will take it away. And a little chuckle when you’re feeling rubbish doesn’t hurt, either.

I wish everything could be so simple and focussed.


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