How much copy can you fit in an MPU?

I once lost a prestigious competition to a team who’d apparently “revolutionised the medium” of MPUs with the amount of copy they put in theirs. How did they do it? A scrollbar. I kid you not.

I’m still a tad bitter about that.

Anyway, if you’d like to do long copy in an MPU well (and have something to chuck back at those pricks who insist long copy is dead, especially on the internet), take notes from this inspired Pringles ad.

(Can’t embed Flash here so click the picture to go to it. And then, er, come back. Thanks)


Did you click all the way to the end? Me too. It’s brilliant. They’ve got the tone-of-voice spot-on for their audience, including appropriate internet slang (like AFK, fail, orly, etc.). It sounds obvious, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to get a writer who actually understands these things. The other day I saw some copy for a Nintendo DS Lite competition. The headline? “Win a Nintendo”. Instantly letting the entire audience of young gamers know that the writer was old and had no idea what a DS Lite was, or indeed that there’s more than one games machine made by Nintendo. Go back to the 80s, dude.

Anyway, back to Pringles. Steve Harrison talks a lot about usefulness in his book, “How To Do Better Creative Work”, and this ad’s a great example of it. The team’s insight is that a lot of people use the internet to waste time, clicking endlessly through inane chatter between people on Facebook, Twitter, forums and suchlike. So they’ve made an ad that keeps the audience entertained and kills a bit of time in a similar way. When new-media preachers talk about brands having conversations, this is a literal but excellent example. I just had a whole five-minute chat with Pringles, and even though I didn’t say a word, I felt totally engaged throughout.

Still prefer Oreos for my round snack of choice, though.

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