The medium of cake

Everyone loves cake. This is incontrovertible.

So when you want to get people excited about your t-shirt website, what do you do?

Ask them to make cakes of the t-shirts, of course.

It’s one of those “I don’t think I’d ever have thought of that” ideas, and it seems to be working really well. Lots of blog coverage, because of course everyone loves talking about cake. And all the entrants want to show off their creations, so they’re all over the net. This was last year’s winner (the t-shirt design is at the bottom):


And I bet it’s even better this year. I’m even considering entering myself. Perhaps with this t-shirt:

invisible man t-shirt

I’m picturing separate cakes for hat, sunglasses, pipe and torso. Mmmm torsocake.

Seriously though, I think this promotion shows an unusually good understanding of internet culture. Great cakes often go viral – one particularly obscene example I once made is featured on at least fifteen blogs, just because I posted it on a forum. Even terrible cakes have a following – the exceptionally popular Cake Wrecks blog features misspelt, badly iced, grotesque or otherwise unpalatable cakes, and people flock to see them.

It’s also a pretty appealing competition to enter because even if you don’t win, you haven’t lost. With something like the Golden Hoop Awards from Hula Hoops, if you take part and don’t get chosen, all you’ve got is a Hula Hoops advert you made. If it’s really good, it might be useful for a future creative reel or just for hits on YouTube, but you’re really hoping for the grand prize when you enter.

Threadcakes, on the other hand, gives you a fun day of light-hearted baking, a cake, and internet bragging rights over your creation. The t-shirts aren’t branded, so the sheep cake looks like a sheep cake, not like an advert. You can show your friends without feeling like you’re selling your soul. The cakes stand alone as something cool you made.

And of course, every entrant gets cake. That’s my kind of competition.

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