This is an ad. But not the one I thought it was.

An inevitable consequence of working in advertising is that you start paying attention to it. You notice it, you actively look for it, you scrutinise it, and generally get a lot more involved than normal people.

And as I’ve just learned, sometimes this means you see it in places where it doesn’t actually exist. Like me. I started noticing this logo on London pavements a while back:


And I thought “Wow, there’s a new type of ambient”. You see, I’d read all about the ads that get washed into the pavements – pressure washing through a stencil, to leave a clean patch on the pavement in the shape of the logo or message. So this was just one step further. Etching. It made sense at the time.

I also thought I knew what the logo was. Surely it’s the Gladiators G? It was exactly the time when the new series of Gladiators was coming out on Sky. I remember fleetingly thinking it was a lot of money and effort to go to for a TV series, but didn’t give it any more thought.

Until Planbot pointed out (and I don’t know how he worked this out) that it’s actually the logo of London Concrete, who make the damn paving stones!

London Concrete

To be fair, they are extremely similar, despite being rotated 180 degrees:


But nonetheless, I’m pretty sure a normal, non-ad-person would have looked at the funny shape on the pavement, shrugged, and moved on. Or even seen it for what it was.

Evidently, it sends you a bit nutty, this business. But in a good way. Because now I’m off to patent pavement etching, and you know what? I’m going to do the Gladiators logo first. Just to piss off London Concrete.

2 thoughts on “This is an ad. But not the one I thought it was.

  1. monkeymuesli says:

    ha! i just found this post because i saw a ‘gladiator g’ on a paving slab and thought it an odd way to promote the show. i’m not in advertising though… :0)

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