Nature’s packaging

My friend Perry gave me an apple today. Look at it:

The Wrapple

It’s got a plastic wrapper. Why does an apple need a wrapper? It comes with a perfectly good skin, robust enought to protect it from falling off a tree, and until now, good enough to protect it from all the kerfuffle it encounters on its journey between the tree and the shop.

I don’t want to be one of those “Evangelising’s not my bag (but it is really)” preachy earthy bastards, but come on. That’s a pretty indefensible waste of materials, resources and probably landfill. And it made me a bit sad.

I imagine the folks at Wrap would like to have a word with whoever came up with it, too. Honestly, apple wrappers. Wrapples. Bonkers.

One thought on “Nature’s packaging

  1. AdLand Suit says:

    Apologies for the tardiness in this comment (I’ve just been exploring and enjoying your rants) but I thought it worth pointing out this:

    That’s a book Mark Earls wrote after coming across a pre-packed banana (nature’s own pre-packed fruit) marked ‘handy fruit-to-go’ (or somesuch) in a service station somewhere in Kent. He shares your wrath/confusion.

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