User submissions: they sound like such a good idea…

The theory:

“So how are we going to make the campaign social?”
“Basically we’re going to have this Google map and we’ll let people add their own pollen hotspots to it”
“So it’s like a crowdsourced pollen map, updated in real time?”
“Yeah, it’s going to be the must-use site for hayfever sufferers this year”

The reality:



Image via SocialSlurp

Image via SocialSlurp

Poor Benadryl.



Someone wrote a bot to make it easier to vandalise the map, and Benadryl has had to take the page down as a result. Here’s their admirable response:



Well recovered.

If you’d like to see some more of the graffiti before it got taken down, usvsth3m has lots.

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