My other blog is a Tumblr full of willies

I’ve been working on a little side project lately, inspired by the phenomenal success and superlative brilliance of Zynga/OMGPOP’s DrawSomething app.

Said side project is a Tumblr blog (sorry, WordPress) of rude, crude and inappropriate things played in DrawSomething. There are quite a few blogs of amazing DrawSomething submissions (some suspiciously good, if you ask me) but I couldn’t find one for the most obscene, uncalled-for, I’m-going-to-hell-for-laughing-at-this entries. So I made one.

It’s called Draw Bumthing, and thanks to its existence, I now have an inbox full of crudely-drawn penii every single day. I won’t post them here, since this blog is supposed to be safe for work (apart from my rampant swearing) but if you do like shaky-handed genitalia and off-colour humour, check out Bumthing here.

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