Facebook pinball from MAC

As if Facebook weren’t distracting enough, it now comes with an adorable pinball game from MAC (that’s the makeup brand, not the computer marque).

Here’s what it looks like (click for bigger):

It’s really good to see a makeup brand doing something engaging and fun in the digital space. MAC have been incredibly slow with this, if I’m honest – their Facebook page is global so of limited use, and they’re not on twitter, unlike arch-rivals Illamasqua.

MAC as a brand are perceived as somewhat snooty, and their reluctance to engage online hasn’t helped. A friendly, responsive twitter feed would go a long way to repairing years of damage done by snobbish and occasionally downright bitchy staff at their shops and counters.

Anyway, back to the pinball – the sickly-sweet Tokidoki-esque Japanese look is to promote their latest collection, ‘Quite Cute’. It’s well-made and very addictive, and refreshing to see from a well-established, traditional makeup brand. If anyone knows which agency made it, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in.

One thought on “Facebook pinball from MAC

  1. Glad we’re allowed to call them snotty. I spent a horrendous amount of money in-store, came back later to the same store after a bit of advice/how to apply something and go severely snooted at. My purse hurt.

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