How I spent last Thursday afternoon

It’s no secret that there are nowhere near enough women in power or in Creative at London advertising agencies. Whatever the reasons (and the debate could fill the entire history of this blog), it’s really refreshing to see an organisation doing something about it, in a positive, non-bra-burning way.

She Says is a collective that I recommend all newcomers to the industry get involved in, especially women. They aim to provide role models and advice to women in digital, and they hold free talks and events that are some of the best I’ve ever been to.

And it was for one of these events that I left work early last Thursday and headed to LBi’s gleaming offices in Brick Lane.

‘SCAMP’ is She Says’s first conference, aiming to reverse the traditional 80/20 male/female split of speakers at these things. So we had seven women and one man telling us about interesting projects they’ve been working on recently, including some amazing but sadly embargoed work by Imagination that I won’t be able to talk about here until it’s live.

You can see my full writeup of the event here and sign up for their newsletter here. People with penises are equally welcome, so you’ve got no excuse!

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